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Article 1 Introduction


These terms of use define the terms of use for the costumes provided by Yang iri (hereinafter referred to as "our shop") at the costume rental store and the services incidental thereto (hereinafter referred to as "this service").


Service users and persons accompanying users (hereinafter referred to as "users"), regardless of whether they are corporations or individuals, shall be deemed to have agreed to this agreement by using and applying for this service.


Since these terms of use are published on the Internet, it is assumed that you have agreed not only to reservations from the website, but also to reservations by Instagram DM, telephone calls, and direct store visits.


In the case of selling or introducing our services on behalf of our company, we shall obtain the user's consent for explanation at the responsibility of the agent, and our shop shall not be responsible for any defects in the explanation.


In the event of a dispute, these Terms of Use shall be used to resolve the dispute.


Matters not stipulated in this agreement will be subject to guidance at the service location, laws and regulations, or general customs.



Article 3 Usage Restrictions


If the user falls under any of the following items, the rental service cannot be used.

Our shop may revise the usage fee of this service without prior notice, and when using it, it is the responsibility of the user to check the page of the latest "price plan".




Article 4 Extension fee for this service


If the employee returns after the time verbally communicated, it will be automatically carried over to the next plan.

In addition, "returned" means the state in which the costume is undressed and returned to the reception, not at the time of returning to the shop.

The employee will ask the user for an additional fee when returning the costume.

・ If you are late for the return time after using 90 minutes → Change to 1 day plan (+1,000 yen)

・If you can't make it in time for the 1-day plan → change to the 1-night plan (general +4,500 yen, student discount +3,500 yen)

・ 1 night plan → 2,000 yen per day for extra nights


In the case of extension over a day, we will contact you by phone.

*Even if the phone cannot be connected for some reason, it is the user's responsibility to contact the user until the phone is connected.If the phone cannot be connected, even if the user contacts the user by e-mail, etc., it does not deviate from the provisions of this section. Also, even if our response to emails is slow and it takes hours, we will not be held responsible.


*Regarding this Article 4,

The relevant extension fee shall be understood and agreed at the time of using the service, and the user agrees that no further notice is required.



Article 5 Usage by minors


1. Minors shall obtain the consent of a legal representative such as a person with parental authority before performing any actions related to the use of our services.

When a minor completes a reservation, it is deemed that the legal representative has consented to the use of our service and the contents of this agreement.


2. If a minor uses our services by falsely claiming to have consent without the consent of a legal representative or by falsely claiming to be an adult regarding their age, or otherwise using fraudulent means to make them believe that they are capable of acting. If used, any juristic act relating to such use cannot be revoked.

3. If a person who was a minor at the time of consenting to this agreement uses our service after reaching the age of majority, the user is deemed to have confirmed all legal acts related to our service.

Article 6 Items that cannot be handled


It is assumed that the luggage that our shop keeps and manages is only clothing, and we absolutely cannot deposit the following items in particular.


① Valuables (house/car keys, luxury clothing, bags, jewelry, watches, etc.), precision instruments (computers, digital cameras, game consoles, tablets, etc.) cash


② Explosives, flammables, and other dangerous items


③Living organisms, frozen products, refrigerated products, fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, items that leak water or easily deteriorate


④Items offensive to public order and morals (items whose use is prohibited by law, such as narcotics and dangerous drugs)


⑤Items that do not fit in the changing bag


(6) Things that objectively and subjectively have value that cannot be guaranteed by monetary compensation from the Company, such as souvenirs and gifts


(7) Fragile and deformable items


⑧Things that do not fall into the above categories but are deemed difficult to keep by our company


The responsibility of our shop for the baggage of the user shall arise when the user deposits the baggage, and shall end when our shop delivers the baggage to the user.


Our store is only responsible for items that fit in the changing bag provided by the employee, and we are not responsible for any other items.



Article 7 Denial of use


Our shop can refuse to use this service if it falls under any of the users.


(1) Encouraging the activities of gangs stipulated in Article 2, Item 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (Act No. 77 of 1991; hereinafter referred to as the "Act") (hereinafter referred to as "gangsters") or when it is recognized that it will contribute to its operation.


② When the user is one of the following.


When it is recognized as an organized crime group, an organized crime group member as defined in Article 2, item 6 of the law, an associate member of an organized crime group, a person related to an organized crime group, or any other anti-social force.


B. When it is recognized that an organized crime group or an organized crime group member is a corporation or other organization that controls business activities.


c) When it is recognized that there is a person who corresponds to an organized crime group member among its officers.


(d) Persons who engage in criminal acts such as assaults or threats or make unreasonable demands against the Company, or those who take an attitude that employees of the Company feel intimidating.


A person who is judged to be in the same trade



Article 8 User Liability


When using this service, we shall comply with our employees and in-store notices, and such guidance will take precedence over the content of guidance on the website and other information on the web. Even if there is a difference between the information on the website and the actual service provided, and the user is disadvantaged, we do not take any responsibility. In addition, questions and questions about the difference between the information on the website and the actual service shall be asked before the change of clothes is completed, and after the change of clothes is completed, it is assumed that you have agreed with all the contents.


When using this service, if our employees, other users, or third parties are damaged by not following the notices posted in the store, the user will be responsible for compensation, and our company will not be held responsible. do not have.



Article 9 Disclaimer [Important]


1. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the User or others due to human error, tardiness of the Company's employees, or other causes in the provision of the Service.


In addition, since the disclaimers described below are clearly stated to be particularly important in the long terms of use, the user must agree to the terms described below when using the service because the user fulfills the obligation to emphasize it. It is assumed that


Based on the above, we confirm that it does not correspond to "a clause that cannot reasonably be expected to be included in the contract (so-called surprise clause)" in the Civil Code, and if you do not agree with this agreement, or if the agreement is too long confirm that the freedom not to use the Service existed in advance if the Service could not be used.


2. In providing this service, when the following detailed regulations apply, we consider that the user has foreseen and agreed that the following events may occur, and we will provide the user with financial, time, and mental We will not be held responsible for any damages caused.


3. Our responsibility for the disadvantages of the user will be extinguished unless we notify you within 14 days from the date of service provision.




① The material paint of the luggage compartment adheres to the contents of the luggage and stains.


It is the user's responsibility to protect items that are likely to stain with a plastic bag.


②Because our staff assumes that the contents of the luggage deposited by the user are only clothes, there may be cases where the deposited luggage may be impacted, and the contents may not be stored in the luggage storage during the storage period. Damage or deformation.


(3) Delays in service provision due to congestion or other reasons, and delays in self-photo studios, restaurants, performances, etc.


(4) The user agrees to store their luggage in a place where an unspecified number of people come and go, and the things they deposited are lost/stolen.


In particular, valuables and gifts that cannot be guaranteed by monetary compensation from our company will be self-managed and no compensation will be made.

In addition, we wash clothes with commercial detergent, disinfect with commercial alcohol, and wash clothes with commercial deodorant disinfectant spray. and agree that skin rashes, rashes, infectious diseases, etc. that occur despite these cleaning methods are not attributable to our company.


In addition, the rental item is the actual item in the store, and the store is not responsible for damage after the start of use, and it is the user's responsibility to check the actual item for damage and defects.


⑤ We are not responsible for falls, burns, or other injuries in the store if you do not follow the notices in the store or the guidance of employees.


⑥Incurring damage due to the user's own negligence.


⑦ Loss or change of baggage due to natural disasters or other force majeure.


(8) Any other damage caused to the user due to reasons not attributable to the Company.


⑨ Baggage damage due to excessive weight or capacity.


⑩Damage due to defects specific to baggage such as aging.


⑪Damage or loss of casters, straps, hooks, keys, and damage or loss of accessories (name tags, belts, etc.).


⑫ Minor damage (scratches, cuts, dents, dirt)


⑬If you are not satisfied with the shooting set or costume.


⑭ In the event that baggage is lost due to, for example, mixing up clothes or shoes between users. In addition, baggage shall be managed at the user's responsibility.


⑮ If the user forgets something in the store, the user agrees that the luggage will not be kept and will be destroyed on the same day. For items left behind, users are responsible for picking them up after coming to the store, and we will never mail them.


⑯Regarding stains and damages on the rental items, the user is responsible for checking the items displayed at the store. Confirm that there was freedom in advance not to rent items that were soiled or damaged. In addition, even if the employee provides the costume without noticing the dirt or damage, and the user notices the dirt or damage after providing the costume, the Company does not take any responsibility for the disadvantage.


⑰From the perspective of risk assessment, users agree that employees may eat or drink while providing services.


⑱We do not tolerate any discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. When our store needs special measures in practice, such as dividing the fitting room for reasons such as religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, LGBT, etc. The user agrees that our shop will not be held responsible for any disadvantages such as being late or taking longer than usual.


⑲We do not take any responsibility even if the shooting set, costume, and accessories shown on our website, SNS, and other information on the web are different from the user's image.


⑳ When returning the next day, we will take a picture of the ID card and agree to delete it at any time at our store's responsibility.

In addition, the user agrees that a security deposit of 10,000 yen per person may be temporarily deposited in order to prevent theft in the case of a next-day return plan.


㉑ The user agrees to this Article 4.



Article 10 Compensation Matters


In addition to "Article 9. Disclaimer" of this agreement, if the user's luggage is lost due to the obvious responsibility of our store, the compensation limit is up to 3000 yen.



Article 11


These Terms may be changed, added, or deleted without notice. Users will not be notified individually, and when using it, it is the user's responsibility to check the latest "Store Rental Service Terms of Use".



Article 12


The governing law of these Terms is Japanese law, and the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.

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