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☑Please confirm before making a reservation.

For reservations1 reservation per groupis. Please make one reservation for the representative

・If you have any other questions, please contactFAQ"Please confirm.

Please select the plan you would like to book



Recommended usage


3,300 yen

student discount

2,300 yen

(tax included)

Easy plan. For those who want to take pictures inside the store or just go outside for photo booths
​ If you want to take both Korean and Japanese purikura, we recommend the one-day plan

A quick photo shoot in the store, an idol Cheki photo shoot, a trip to a nearby Puri, etc.
​For those who don't have much time on trips or school trips, but want photos for memories and memories

Maximum experience time: 90 minutes from uniform selection to return

School uniform rental 90 minutes plan​


​Popular No.1

School uniform rental 1 day plan​


4,300 yen

student discount

3,300 yen

(tax included)


The most popular No. 1 plan at the best value. You can do unlimited time with +1000 yen from the price of the 90 minutes plan.
​ If you want to take both Korean and Japanese purikura, we recommend the one-day plan

Recommended usage

Take pictures inside the store (selfies, icons, with two people, etc.), TikTok/Youtube, and shoot both in Japan and Korea
​Walking around Shin-Okubo, visiting cafes, visiting pop-up stores, visiting nearby amusement parks, etc.

Maximum experience time: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the day of rental


I want to use it until night

School uniform rental 1 night plan​


8,800 yen

student discount

6,800 yen

(tax included)

Click here if you want to use it after 18:00.
​This is the perfect plan for evening events as you can enjoy it until the evening.

Recommended usage

Concerts, live performances, events, performances, etc. that you want to use after 18:00
​Recommended for birthdays, hotel girls-only gatherings, amusement parks, and outings

Maximum experience time: Until 18:00 on the next day of rental

Korean food.png

For long term

Korea uniform rental 1 night or more ~​

per night

2,000 yen

(tax included)

Click here if you want to stay for 2 nights or more.
​Recommended for those who want to have plenty of fun from opening to closing, such as Disneyland.

Recommended usage

Disneyland, Universal Studios, school festivals, graduation ceremonies, etc.
​Can also be used for dance recitals and performances.

Maximum experience time: Until 18:00 on the next day of rental

Usage notes

Please check the precautions when using Korean Uniform Rental Yangiri.
​When you make a reservation
terms of serviceshall be deemed to have agreed to

​About reservations

​If you are a minor, please make a reservation with your parent's consent.
​After the reservation is confirmed, it is assumed that the parent or guardian has given consent.

​Pregnant women can use it, but we are not responsible for any accidents during the experience.

​About reservation email

​You will receive a confirmation email from shortly after booking.
You will not be able to receive emails if the domain is set to be rejected. Please complete the reception settings first.

*Even if you do not receive an email, if the reservation is completed on the screen, the reservation has been made.
If you have not received an email but would like to confirm your reservation, please send an email to after filling in the "reservation date and time" and "reservation name".

​About visiting

​Please come to the store after everyone has gathered at the reservation time.
Please note that late arrivals of more than 30 minutes without notice will be treated as cancellation without notice.

​Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the store. Please come to the store after you finish eating.

Notes during the experience

​As this is a rental product, please refrain from wearing perfume while wearing it.
Foundation stains on the neck and hem and small food spills are free of charge, but a separate maintenance fee will be charged for stains that cannot be removed with normal washing, or damage or loss of rental items.
A cleaning fee of 1,000 yen per set will be charged in advance for use at the smoking/drinking table.

If the decorations and fixtures in the store are destroyed, compensation will be charged.
​Please treat it with care as it will be used by other customers.

The shop during the experience is not reserved. Please share the dressers and photo spots with each other.
We will not be involved in any troubles with other users.

cancellation policy

​The cancellation policy is as follows.

[Until 18:00 the day before the reservation] Free
[On the day of reservation] Cancellation fee 2,000 yen (tax included) per person
[30 minutes after reservation time or no contact] 100% of reservation plan general fee

For cancellation, please contact us by Instagram DM (@yang_iri) or email with "reservation date" and "reservation name".

Our shop is basically a reservation system.
We will reserve your reserved time slot for you.
Please make a reservation after the schedule is confirmed, including your companion.

In addition, I think that there are unavoidable circumstances depending on each customer, so we can accept date changes.
If you want to change the date, please contact us by Instagram DM (@yang_iri) or email with "Reservation date and time" and "Reservation name". (To prevent mishearing of the date and time, please contact us in writing, not by phone.)

Student discount conditions

Both “(1) display student ID” and “(2) follow official Instagram” (1) and (2) are required.

​ Posting your student ID card and Instagram follow-up are required for everyone who wants to use the student discount.

Substitute for student ID card

Vocational students, university students, and high school students: Student commuter pass that is still valid

For junior high school students and elementary school students: valid student commuter pass, My Number card, health insurance card, passport

*Be sure to bring the original. We do not accept any copies or images as they may be counterfeit.

* Since this is a service, we do not provide special support in any case. Please pardon.
*For questions about student discounts, seeFAQPlease see the category about student discounts.

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