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​\Taste the feeling of visiting Korea in Japan/

​Shin-Okubo's Korean School Uniform Rental Yangiri

A 3-minute walk from Shin-Okubo Station! Yangiri isIt is a hands-on studio facility where you can enjoy the shooting experience in authentic Korean uniforms and a full-fledged self-photography studio.
​Over 100 types of uniforms! You can choose your favorite uniform from the largest number of types in Japan.
In South Korea, it is popular to wear Korean school uniforms and go out to amusement parks and cafes, even if you are not currently in middle or high school.

Not only can you take pictures at photo spots, but you can also go out wearing it!
Have a cup of tea at the latest cafe in Shin-Okubo, shop for Korean cosmetics and idol goods... Some even go to amusement parks such as Disneyland and Sanrio Puroland! If you are thinking about renting a Korean uniform, let's go to Korea casually at "Yaniri" in Korean Town Shin-Okubo!

Differences between Korean uniforms and Japanese uniforms

​Korean uniforms are made with a focus on improving design and style.

Therefore, you can expect a slimmer and longer leg effect than usual.

There are many uniforms with colorful color schemes that look great in photos, so you can enjoy a special feeling.

​Short-length jackets, tight-fitting shirts, tight skirts, etc.

The silhouette of a uniform that looks sophisticated and thin

​ A lot of attention to detail such as the thick line of the jacket and the check on the neck.


A lineup of Korean uniforms that can be rented at Yangiri

Korean uniform rental Yangiri has the largest number of uniforms in Japan!

​You can enjoy wearing your favorite style.

How to enjoy school uniform rental

In addition to walking in Shin-Okubo, live performances, amusement parks, events, dance performances, etc.

The usage of uniform rental varies depending on the customer!

Once you've chosen your favorite outfit, put on your school uniform and head out to a special place!

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