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Online reservations can be made 24 hours a day, up to 1 hour before the reception time.

One reservation per group.

You can also make last-minute reservations within an hour by phone.

(If you don't answer the phone, the store may be closed)


Cancellation fee: Free until 18:00 the day before

​No reservation required on the day: Available during business hours (please call to confirm)

Online reservation: Possible up to 1 hour before reception time​


​Visit Yangiri


Please come to the store at the time you reserved.

If you are less than 5 minutes late, you do not need to contact us.

​​If there is a further delay, please contact us by phone.

​We have everything you need for uniform rental, so you can come empty-handed.

Travel time to store

3 minutes on foot from JR Yamanote Line "Shin-Okubo Station"

2 minutes walk from JR Sobu Line "Okubo Station"

​ [Address] Kaneko Heights 1F, 2-20-2 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


​Reception and payment


We will check your plan, guide you about options, and make payment at the time of reception.

If you want to use the student discount, please post your student ID card and Instagram follow screen before paying.

Precautions for reception and payment

Last reception time: 16:50 (1 night plan can be accepted until 18:00)

Payment: cash, card, Paypay

​Options and plan changes: Additions and changes can be made on the day


Choosing a school uniform to rent


Our uniform rental can be freely combined.

Choose your favorite uniform from over 100 items.

You can check the types of uniforms that can be rented from this account in advance.

School uniform type, size, etc.

Shirt: 20 types

Bottoms (skirts and pants): 40 types

Jackets and vests: 55 types

Neckties/Ribbons: 55 types

Headband: 35 types

Size: XS to 4XL

​(Limited by size)


Change into school uniform


Please change your clothes in the fitting room if you have decided.

If you are not sure about the size, please ask the staff.

If you choose the right size, you will get a more Korean look.

​About the fitting room

There are two types of fitting rooms, one for women only and one for everyone, so that men and LGBTQ people can use it with peace of mind.


Baggage check


You can leave your personal clothes, shopping bags, bags, and other items that you do not need for uniform rental in the luggage rack.

About carry case

You can check it in free of charge, but

All you have to do is leave it in front of the cash register, so you are responsible for any loss or damage.

We recommend a coin locker near you.


Also, when it is crowded, or for groups of 10 or more suitcases, etc.

If it takes too much width, we may refuse it.


​Makeup and hair set repair


We have a stand-type dresser that you can use for free.

​Use it for fixing makeup and setting hair.

About the dresser

We do not provide hair and make-up services.

​Please use it yourself.


To shoot and go out


All plans are free to go out.

Korean uniform rental Yangiri is conveniently located near the station for sightseeing, so you can enjoy a walk right after changing clothes.

Please feel free to enjoy taking pictures and going out at the shooting spots in the store until the return time.

Recommended outing spot

While editing


Return of school uniform


Please take off your uniform and return it by the return time.

Forgot to return the headband

​Be careful not to forget anything

Precautions when returning

Please note that the return after the time will be carried over to the next plan.

​[Final return time]

90 minutes plan → until the time announced at the reception

1 day plan → Until 18:00

​1 night plan → until 18:00 the next day

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